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In which Molly leaps to the defense of librarians.


I am always riled! But anyway, I don’t think lookslikelibrarysciencefunctions as a defense of librarianship, that just isn’t why it is out there. It has no agenda: it exists so librarians can share pictures of themselves with each other (which is, as you said earlier, what most of the internet is for). I admit I did jump to the defense of librarians qua librarians rather quickly and probably without warrant, but if there is one this we here at Library Journal love it is rhapsodizing about the nobility of the profession. (I think its part of an elaborate, decades-old plan to build subscriber loyalty.)

I would argue against the universalizing the automatic fear towards all adults, because that doesn’t really jive with my memory of childhood, but who knows, really, which of us is the exception to the rule, if there is a rule. Also self loathing neither precludes nor discounts snobbery, and I say this as both a self-loather and a snob.

Anyway, I (clearly) feel very protective of this community and seeing the photos they take of themselves characterized as sad or desperate, whether because of their profession or despite it, makes me mad. But if you even think the hot dog chair is sad, then it speaks to a broader disparity in outlook that I don’t think can be bridged through reblogging. To me, that chair looks like such a delight! Roll around in it, pretend you are a hot dog! But, generally, lookslikelibraryscience’s bad lighting, bathroom mirrors, occasional cleavage, forehead sheen don’t get me down. That’s just how they are, and I like them for it.

There’s the essence of our difference, then. For me it’s “that’s just how they are, and I am terrified of dying for it.”

And hell, not only don’t I like that hot dog chair. I REALLY don’t like it. What is wrong with me?

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