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I'm an independent bookseller, so please forgive me if I chatter about books. They're almost all I have.

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HMH Literature in Translation: The longlist for 2011 Best Translated Book was announced today by...



The longlist for 2011 Best Translated Book was announced today by Three Percent.

The 2011 BTBA Fiction Longlist (in alphabetical order by author):

The Literary Conference by César Aira, translated from the Spanish by Katherine Silver (New Directions)

The Golden Age by Michal…

Aira, Ajvaz’s The Golden Age, and Walser’s Microscripts were all store favorites. 

Sam gets tired of talking about me on our store Tumblr, but what he means to say is that the Aira, Ajvaz and Walser were all favorites of mine. Nobody else on staff reads new translation, I think. Or if they do, maybe it’s by mistake. But not only did I love those three (seriously, just incredible all of them), but also the four others from the fiction list I got to. Those include The Jokers by Cossery (so timely this week it’s ridiculous. Dadaist uprising in Egypt. Thanks Sarah.), Grossman’s To the End of the Land (I cried), Marias’ Bad Nature or with Elvis in Mexico (I even gave this one to my mom. Sorry about the stabbings, mom!), and Tegui’s On Elegance While Sleeping, which has actually been a bestseller in our store (if sometimes to very confused midwesterners and then only by dint of its title and my gushy if unspecific recommendations. I tend not to mention the syphillis and corpses.) That book is beautiful.

Anyway, good list guys. Cyclops is on my to-be-read-as-soon-as-someone-buys-the-expensive-fucker-for-me pile.

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